Sunday, December 15

Producing water is of higher quality than mineral water and could be used in regions.


A group of Iranian researchers at the school of recent Technologies of the University of Science and Technology have designed a brand new equipment to convert air humidness into potable water.
The made water is of upper quality than drinking water and will be employed in regions that square measure littered with shortage of potable.

Speaking to ISNA, project manager Rouhollah Ahmadi cited the shortage of potable within the gulf region, voice communication that there’s simply water in these areas that is salty and therefore the value of chemical change is extremely high.

He expressed that in these areas humidness is mostly high, starting from fifty to a hundred kilometres deep within the earth. “There square measure regarding 430 villages within the south of the country that use water tankers whereas the villages have important quantity of humidness.”

“Therefore, by changing wetness to water, the matter of water shortage in these areas is resolved, and that we are able to build the air-to-water conversion machine through the implementation of this scientific research,” he added.


“With the processes that square measure concerned in addition because the nine steps of filtration, the water coming into the device, that is at the start water, turns into drinkable water.”

According to the project manager, some quantity of metal, atomic number 19 and different minerals square measure supplementary to the current water to form the merchandise higher than drinking water in terms of quality.

“The unit isn’t therefore massive and families will simply get this device and counter their shortage of potable.”

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Regarding the value of this unit Ahmadi aforesaid the it’s wide employed in the globe, and it accustomed be foreign from North American country before forex fluctuations, however nowadays the value of this device is regarding three,000 USD, whereas the domestic unit might be purchased for five hundred USD.

Ahmadi stressed that the machine is capable of manufacturing fifty litres of “extra clean” potable per day with the next quality than drinking water.

The designer of the unit delineated the water production method as kind of like the air conditioners, explaining that the air conditioners square measure optimised to supply a lot of cold air and fewer water, however this machine is meant to supply less cold air and a lot of water.

According to him, atiny low quantity of water is made by air conditioners, however the changes during this device has inflated the degree of water output.

“This device, just like the air conditioners, must have an outside unit to induce access to contemporary air,” he terminated.