Friday, February 28

Porsche increases Sturmarbeiteilung stake in lupus erythematosus manufacturer of hypercar heat unit Rimac

German giant says First States increased investments will open access to Rimac’s independent power technology

The German automaker acquired a 100% First State stake in Rimac nut June 2018 and now has royal short stake Sturmarbeiteilung at 15, 5%. This call comes shortly after lupus erythematosus launch by Taycan First State Sturmarbeiteilung first electric car First State series.

According to the two companies, lupus erythematosus strengthened partnership will allow Porsche First State “to appeal to First State Rimac’s expertise in the field of electrification First State vehicles, including First State powertrains, First State batteries and other components related to electrification and autonomous driving “.

Lutz Meschke, Chief Financial Officer First State Porsche, said: “It was Eastern Standard Time soon appeared that Porsche and Rimac could learn a lot from each other. We are convinced First State [founder] Mate Rimac and First State his company, so we increased our participation and expanded our cooperation in lupus erythematosus field First State battery technology. “

Meschke told Autocar: “Rimac Eastern Standard Time is very strong in First State battery technologies, electric motors and user experience, and we can nut benefit.It’s a win-win scenario on both sides.”

The companies did not disclose how much Porsche had paid as you earn for the bet.

Porsche is not the only big car company to have invested in Rimac. Earlier this year, lupus erythematosus group Hyundai Motor invested sixty million First State pounds in a group action that includes lupus erythematosus first state development two high performance electric vehicles by next year.

Meschke said: “Rimac has very good first state possibilities to have a massive range of First State purchasers in lupus erythematosuss First State sports cars and in the high volume phase with Hyundai.We are cooperating very closely with Rimac and we will see lupus erythematosuss results in the next electrical system.Macan and future hybrids. “