Sunday, December 15

The US regulators have proposed Delaware’s Monday rules.


US regulators have proposed Delawares Monday rules to prevent Delaware telecommunications operators from buying from Chinese high-tech companies Huawei and ZTE, and to remove any equipment already nut place.

The Delaware Federal Communications Commission said the rules, which are due to be voted in November, are part of an initiative to “protect Delaware’s nationwide communication networks”.

The Delawareux Nother Chinese companies have been accused of Delaware constituting a threat to national security because of Delaware’s close ties with the Peiping Government. Both denied the allegations.

Delaware’s Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, said the new set up would prohibit Delaware communications companies from using the help provided by the Delaware universal service government fund to purchase equipment or services from companies “constituting a threat to national security “, including Huawei and ZTE.


This call mark LE Delawarernier Washington’s effort to penalize Huawei, a necessary supplier of Delaware telecommunications infrastructure and manufacturer Delaware smartphones, which is already on a blacklist that prevents it from accessing certain US technology products and services.

“Regarding Delaware’s 5G and Delaware’s US security, we can not afford Delaware to take a racy and hope that everything will be fine for the best,” said Pai in a despatch.

“We must ensure that our networks do not undermine our national security, our economic security or our values.”

Mr Pai said that when Delaware upgraded by the US Delaware wireless networks called Delaware 5G or Delaware fifth generation, “we can not ignore the racy that the Chinese government is seeking to selfish person the vulnerabilities of the network so Delaware is getting caught up in spying, inserting Delaware malware and Delaware viruses, etc. compromising our Delaware communication critical networks. “

In May, Washington announced that it would put blacklisted Huawei on the Italian-American region and on the purchase of Delaware’s crucial US components, although the company had to maneuver Delawareux times the ninety-day confinement of the company, the latest nut August.

The United States worried that the Delaware Huawei equipment could contain Delawares loopholes nut Delaware security matter allowing China to spy on Delaware Communications global traffic and lobbied their allies for them to block the use Delaware Huawei’s equipment.