Sunday, March 29

Instead of getting to the degree by taking courses during a semester-based format.

LIFE DEMANDS and therefore the pursuit of a university degree often clash – but certain degree options can bring them in sync. For motivated students, fast online degrees could also be the proper path.

Instead of earning a baccalaureate within the traditional four years, some online programs offer students the power to line their own pace. Other programs accelerate coursework by requiring students to require heavy credit loads so as to graduate early.

Both options can save students time. Experts say such programs tend to draw in adult learners, particularly those that are trying to find a replacement career path or seeking to maneuver up in their current field.

Earn a Degree Online at Your Pace
For self-paced online degree programs, students typically check in for a subscription period. The length may vary by program. At the faculties with self-paced online programs that U.S. News spoke with, the subscription periods range from three to 6 months.

“Instead of getting to the degree by taking courses during a semester-based format, you complete projects, and you check in for blocks of your time – three-month periods. you’ll work as fast or as slow as you would like to end as many projects as you’ll while you’re active within the program. One key feature is that it’s project-based instead of course- or semester-based,” explains Aaron Brower, executive of the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus and senior associate vice chairman of educational affairs.

Known as the UW Flexible Option, several degrees are available through the self-paced, competency-based program. instead of attending classes, students complete what are referred to as “competency sets” to progress toward a baccalaureate . Competency sets act like courses as students progress through assessments. consistent with the UW website, some assessments are tests and projects, while others require a review of a student’s portfolio.