Friday, February 28

Hospitals might be expected to satisfy the foremost demanding standards for quality and safety.

SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA, at a pace of about once per second, a patient checks into a hospital. With quite 33 million hospitalizations a year then many patients on whom to sharpen their skills, hospitals might be expected to satisfy the foremost demanding standards for quality and safety.


Yet too many hospitals fail even those whose medical needs are relatively straightforward – like hip replacement, uncomplicated heart bypass surgery or removal of a cancerous section of colon. The hospital that creates treating patients like these its bread and butter is that the very definition of a community hospital, and it should perform at a high standard.

Even fewer hospitals shine at caring for patients with especially challenging or complex diagnoses, for whom the stakes could also be a matter of life or death. For those patients, venturing beyond a trusted community hospital to hunt care at a very exceptional center , even one farther from home, could also be the wisest option.

To help readers narrow their look for hospitals that best match their needs, U.S. News ranks hospital performance in 16 areas of complex specialty care and rates hospitals in nine bellwether procedures and conditions like heart bypass, hip and knee replacement, coronary failure and carcinoma surgery.

[See: FAQ: How and Why We Rank and Rate Hospitals.]

The Best Hospitals Honor Roll takes both the specialty rankings and therefore the procedure and condition ratings under consideration . Hospitals received points if they were nationally ranked in one among the 16 specialties – the more specialties and therefore the higher their rank, the more points they got – and also if they were rated “high performing” within the nine procedures and conditions. the highest 20 point-scorers made up the respect Roll.