Sunday, December 15

Head of the Environment Department of Varamin show these butterflies do not harm fruit.


Millions of butterflies have flocked to the urban and rural areas of the southeast of the national capital, making stunning scenes.
Since the center of last week, the arrival of immeasurable butterflies within the cities of Qarchak, Pishva and Varamin within the neighbourhood of Iranian capital has created stunning scenes in urban and rural areas, particularly within the gardens, farms and farmhouses.

Some farmers area unit involved regarding the butterflies, significantly when the recent large attack of desert locusts on elements of the country. The farmers say they shall fight the gorgeous butterflies with pesticides.

However, the officers say studies have shown these butterflies aren’t pests and farmers shouldn’t be disturbed regarding their presence.


Head of the atmosphere Department of Varamin, Mansour Golmohammadi, aforesaid studies show these butterflies don’t damage fruit and decorative trees, and may be used as food for birds and facilitate the method of pollenation.

“In the desert areas and at the time of development of salt cedars, immeasurable butterflies have come back to those areas that was unexampled in recent years,” he added.

Some other officers of Varamin say presently several of those howeverterflies area unit gift in cabbage farms but don’t damage the merchandise.

Recent rainfalls multiplied the quantity of those insects that area unit terribly stunning and aren’t thought-about to be pests, they stress.

A few weeks agone, serious downpours caused floods in most elements of Asian country that inflicted serious damages to the cities and villages, particularly the farms and gardens.

At a similar time, immeasurable frightful locusts from Asian country attacked Iranian farms, and in line with environmental specialists, would threaten Iran’s farms for a minimum of five years.

But currently Mother Nature is showing its stunning face with the push of immeasurable vibrant butterflies. These pretty creatures not solely aren’t recognized as pests, however even have a useful impact on the atmosphere by consumption little insects.