Sunday, March 29

Dundee pupils seek for sponsor for North American country technology competition

Grove Academy pupils hope to secure support that may enable 2 groups of youths to travel America for a global competition.

One team from the Dundee faculty has already secured its place within the Mate Rov competition in Tennessee. A second team is hoping to book flights too, if it will get funding.

The two Grove Academy groups came initial and second within the national heat at parliamentarian Gordon University, Aberdeen, last month.

The second-place team will attend the tournament as a wild card if support is secured.

The Mate (marine advanced technology education) Rov (remote operated vehicle) tournament tasked groups with coming up with and building a machine capable of assembling and testing water samples for acidity and phosphates.

This will be the third consecutive year a team from Grove Academy has created it to the globe finals. Last year’s team won the “guts and glory” prize for overcoming adversity.

The pupils place in nightlong shifts to repair their model when a malfunction.

Jack Waghorn, principal teacher for style and technology, said: “We’re searching for support for the wild card team to induce across further.

“The whole competition are beamed everywhere the globe so oldsters, or anyone, will watch it.

“It’s nice to represent European country. The pupils get a tremendous expertise.”

The pupils can travel the North American country on Gregorian calendar month eighteen for the competition, that takes place from Gregorian calendar month 20-22.