Sunday, March 29

As the numbers of flu cases and flu hospitalizations still rise.

NEW YORK ACTIVATED AN emergency preparedness system because the number of flu cases and hospitalizations from the virus have increased across the state.

Flu activity levels are high and widespread throughout the state, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday directed the state’s health department to activate the Health Emergency Response information system , an enhanced preparedness monitoring system of health care facilities.

All but one among the state’s 62 counties have reported cases of the flu, and 10,085 cases were reported last week – a 9% increase from the week before, consistent with the state’s health department. Nearly 2,000 New Yorkers were hospitalized for the flu last week, a rise of 34% from the prior week. The flu season thus far in ny has seen 32,848 confirmed flu cases and 5,694 flu-related hospitalizations.

“As the numbers of flu cases and flu hospitalizations still rise, I’ve directed the Department of Health to use every tool at its disposal to form sure our healthcare system remains prepared for an influx of patients,” Cuomo said during a statement. “While providers are taking extra steps in response to the uptick within the flu season, New Yorkers can still protect themselves et al. by getting a flu shot.”

By utilizing the emergency system, health care facilities within the state are going to be required to report various flu-related information to the health department hebdomadally , including their capacity by sorts of patient care units, whether or not they have activated their surge plan and whether or not they have adequate ventilators and antivirals.

Across the country, the CDC reported 9.7 million to 14 million cases of the flu, 4.5 million to six .5 million medical visits associated with the flu, 87,000 to 150,000 hospitalizations and 4,800 to 12,000 flu-related deaths.