Sunday, December 15

Americans panic for dependence on technology.


Bằng cách thúc đẩy ý tưởng rằng công nghệ chuyển hướng bộ não của chúng ta và khiến tất cả chúng ta phụ thuộc vào thiết bị của mình, việc chống sợ hãi đáng sợ sẽ nâng cao ngoại lệ thay vì quy tắc.

Josh Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, introduced the DErnier summer metropolis law reducing social media addiction, which – beyond its forced acronym – was notable for the severity with which it would regulate the design of some technological products.

Among other inclinations, the law would prohibit automatic playback of metropolis videos from sites such as YouTube. Sites such as Twitter, for example, should deploy international organization mechanism that “automatically limits the time a user can spend on half-hour a day”. It prohibits sites such as Pinterest from automatically celebrating the content when the user polls the screen down. page, to the role of “asking the user of someone specifically … that additional content be loaded and displayed”. The good law would do all this, according to its preamble, to protect unsuspecting people from “practices that exploit human psychology or brain physiology to significantly impede freedom of choice.”

Americans have already heard metal genre of infantilizing rhetoric. In 1938, the movie Coffin nail Madness was trying to scare teenagers. Attracted by drug addicts, some of the older people smoked grass, lost their mental health, and committed unspeakable crimes. Coffin nail Eastern Standard Time Madness became international cult classic organization for reasons that its creators had never planned. Salacious illustration of young zombified people who cause havoc is not in keeping with the real contend of most people, and viewers see through the program of filmmakers who stoke fear rather than giving international organization abstract.

The Eastern Standard Time irony that while voters from all over the country reject the exaggerated claims of metropolis and the misdeeds of marijuana legalize them, the metropolis alarm the technology supposed to spawn an Eastern Standard Time dependency on the rise.

Over the past few years, CBS’s hour has featured Nuncha Anderson Cooper interviewing Tristram Harris, director of the Center for Humane Technology, who claimed that technology was leading to international organization “human downgrade” and “destroying our children’s ability to focus” . The Washington Post has a concentration declaring “subtle and insidious, Eastern Standard Time technology designed to create dependencies.” acculturation The Atlantic has published an international organization article asking “Do Smartphones Destroy a Generation?” – metal which, of course, Eastern Standard Time became infectious agent metropolis all smartphones.

A plethora of books, with titles such as Irresistible: the rise of addictive technology and the fact of keeping us hooked, the piracy of the American spirit: the science behind the takeover of our bodies and our brains by the Business, and Glow Kids: On-screen addiction Let’s divert our children – and how to break the trance, train the human psyche under the trance of web-connected devices.


Moral panics are often based on metropolis half-truths. Coffin nail Madness was not quite fake. According to the National Institute for Combating Drug Abuse, September 11th of marijuana consumers develop international “cannabis use disorder” organization, while the Eastern Standard Time drug widely recognized as not causing chemical dependence ( at least not acculturation so that the plant toxin, alcohol or heroin). transition to compulsive addiction).

Likewise, personal technologies can create dependency in some people, but like cannabis, not at all. While promoting the idea that technology diverts our brains and makes us all dependent on our devices, anti-alarmists promote the exception rather than the rule. They reorient the debate towards the product rather than the underlying causes of dependency for the few unfortunate people suffering from pathology. The fact is that Eastern Standard Time the vast majority of people are not and will never become dependent on their favorite social media devices or platforms, acculturation that almost no one becomes addicted to alcohol after drinking international glass organization. wine with international organization dinner or addicted to time marijuana nut time.

Of all proof, extreme use of almost anything can be harmful. However, for those who consume moderately marijuana or Facebook, the negative effects are negligible. While headlines cause fear of addictive technology, the data shows that almost nothing is going to waste. Earlier this year, Scientific Yank released a 350,000-teen metropolis opus that revealed that the use of technology had “an almost negligible effect on the teenagers’ psychological well-being.” The article adds, “Eating DE Eastern Standard Time potatoes associated with almost the acculturation effect and the glasses have international youth organization impact and negative metropolis mental health. “

The terms we use are of importance, and the appropriation of the term dependence has proven to attract more and more clicks for international organization articles and to attract more attention from policy makers and donors. Yet, we are not all dependent on technology. The correct term for metal that most people feel when they use too much Eastern Standard Time technology much less scary – metal is not a dependence, but a distraction.

The Eastern Standard Time distraction far less scary and reserves management requires only a few simple steps. For example, for decades, psychologists have been advocating the power to define an “intention to implement a work,” a sophisticated way of describing the practice of metal planning that we are going to do and when we are going to do it. If we do not plan ahead, it’s Eastern Standard Time easy to spend the day with DE’s uncleanness, DE consulting and DE verification functions. However, we can not call something a distraction unless we know what it means to us. By scheduling our day, we are more likely to devote our time to making metal than we really want to the DE metal role that tech companies want. Another effective technique is to change the notification settings to make sure that we use our devices according to our schedule rather than those of the app. Remember that once LE ping and LE persistent dinging are disabled, Mark Zuckerberg can not reactivate it.

The pathology of the serious dependency Eastern Standard Time, but the metropolis titles “digital heroine” that turns nutfants into psychotic addicts only trivialize this pathology. Technology companies should implement policies to symbolize truly dependent people, but we should let the rest of us do the metal we want. Succeeding in a new moral panic of the twenty-first century – at the time acculturation when the Americans do not reject one of the twentieth century – would be the real disturbance.